2 1/2 Weeks Out, experimenting with carb loading

This is how crazy our body can change once we totally deplete our carbs. I went on a 3 day carb depletion, actually a total of 84 hours.

Just got off of a 3 day carb depletion and loading today. We do a full carb depletion to make our body go as flat as possible then we fill it back up, yeah I know, it's crazy 🤪lol

First pic of my back was a total carb depletion, 3 days no carbs at ( 6am this morning) 2nd pic of my back was after 2 carb load meals) 11 am today

1st pic of my legs was a 3 day carb depletion at 6 am this morning

2nd and 3rd pic of my lower body was after 2 carb load meals, 11 am today

Pic of my bicep was after 3 carb load meals today, 2pm today

I am monitoring my body after every meal to see how my physique response to it. Timing is EVERYTHING, and we have to learn how our body responds if when are prepping for a show. And every move I make is going in my prep journal so I can assess what works and what's not working🤩

Still at the loading phase so I should be bigger by tomorrow🤩

I'm sharing my journey with you for all for 2 reasons, 1. to provide information in the event you also want to compete and 2. to encourage you to go after your goals and dreams🤩

I have 3 days of carb load then reassess on Sunday, if it works or if I have to do a crap load of cardio to fix it lol🤣

I hope you are enjoying my prep journey. From here on out, the last 2 1/2 weeks, it's going to get crazy🤩🤩🤩 that's when the magic starts to happen 😀

Going to load another meal in an hour👍








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