5 weeks out and picked out a beautiful posing suit🤩

Wow, the time is flying soooo quick😮 I am now 4 weeks out🤩

Because they are just bringing female bodybuilding back they are not having separate age groups for my show. I'm actually going to be competing against everyone in women's bodybuilding ages 35 up, 27 years younger BUT I am ready for the challenge 😀💪😀

Here's a few pics of the suit that I'm having made❤ I know you ladies will love it😍

I still havent cut calories, just eating clean and leaning out the meals that I chose and the workouts that I do.

I'll start cutting calories this coming week 🤩

Create a goal for yourself, a goal that's so exciting that you can't wait to get up in the morning and go for it🤩👍💪. It keeps life so exciting and your training fun🤩

And if you need help with a program, please message me anytime 🤩

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