8 Weeks Out For My Show

My weekly progress for ya all😀 And I am so happy you all are on this journey with me❤

Today I am 8 weeks out from my show, and I am totally ahead of schedule👍, just how I like it. But no time to slack, need to stay 200% focused!

Getting shredded BUT preserving muscle at the same time💪 which is very hard to do, lots of clean food, heavy lifts, an incredible amount of hours training weekly and no cardio yet as cardio will destroy my muscles at this time

Dropping the bodyfat, it's sitting around 11% right now, need to be at 5% on show day👍

I always expect the best, the very best from myself and I train like a beast, then I replenish with only the best of nutrition because this girl right here has high goals, extremely high goals!😀

Back on stage at 57 years young, age is just a number that I don't acknowledge.

Never limit yourself my beautiful friends either, if you want something you go claim it!❤😀👍💪

And if you need help with any of your health and fitness goals, please contact me anytime, I would love to be your coach😀💪😀













Photo by Abbey Alo 😀❤

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