9 Days Out

I think I am now ready!😍

57 years young, 4 ft 10 inches tall, 110 lbs. Don't ever let anybody tell you that you're too little or too old to accomplish something.

9 days out from my show

At the gym PUMPING these carbs all throughout my body💪 Squeezing every single muscle as hard as I can from every possible angle and driving these carbs to every muscle group 💪

Some Competitors deplete way too much and become very stringy on stage, flat, feeling weak and so horrible. My goal is to have very full round pretty muscle bellies, I think it's much prettier. And I don't want to show up all drawn and sucked out. I want to show up super healthy, super energetic, feeling great, I want to be a healthy female bodybuilder that's still so feminine❤

I still have a lot of water in me, drinking 1 1/2 gallons a day now and salting everything still, won't be cutting water or salt till next Thursday and I wont take a diuretic, I just want to do the water overload theory to drop my water.

Going after a dream at 57 years young ❤. Don't ever think you're too old to go after yours, go get what you want😍 dream BIG my beautiful friends ❤










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