Back on stage at 57

I have some super exciting news and wanted to share it with you all!

Sorry this is a little long but I wanted to share it with you all, because YOU all are more of a part of my journey than you realize.

I'll be 57 years young in 1 1/2 weeks and always create new goals for myself, I am INCREDIBLY goal oriented!

I have made the decision to go back on stage as my goal for this year for an attempt at my IFBB Pro Card at 57 years young

This has been something that I have been wanting to do for the last 2 or 3 years but the time was not exactly right. NOW, the time is right!!!

Previously, in my 40's competed in figure then packed on the muscle and competed in Woman's Bodybuilding then when I turned 50 I started competing in competitive Powerlifting and was blessed to take home the Gold Medal for the 2016 Arizona Senior Olympics in Powerlifting

So at 57, I am going back on stage for an attempt at winning my IFBB Pro Card in either Physique or Women's Bodybuilding

Here's my strategy: Everything always needs to be strategic when attempting a great goal!

First, I'll be competing at the Wings of Strength competition on May 1st in both Women's Bodybuilding and Physique. ( I'm officially 11 weeks out today) The 1st show is just to see when I actually peak. I have enough muscle mass on me but I am not sure of when I actually peak for performance And this show will be to help me assess how my body respond to sodium level, water levels and carb loading, ext. Basically the 1st will be an experiment, everything's strategic

Then, 4 weeks later I'll be competing in the Dennis James on June 1st to fine tune my peak and bring my physique in tighter and better!

Then 6 more weeks to fine tune again.....

Then, I'll be flying to Pittsburgh on July 20th to compete in Nationals for an attempt at my Pro Card

I'll be competing in both Women's Body Building and Physique at all 3 shows as I am not sure what the judges are looking for and not sure if I'm more of a Physique competitor or Bodybuilding competitor, I kind of float between the 2.

Boy do I have my work cut out for me!! I have always trained super hard, like a machine but it's no comparison to the training that I will need to do to compete in these 3 shows back-to-back.

I hired an IFBB Prep coach, one of the best in the business with over 35 shows under his belt (Joe Valdez) for my prep work

This is going to be the hardest thing I've ever done in my life, doing 3 shows back-to-back with no break BUT, I love and thrive on hard work!

So, today, I am officially 10 1/2 weeks out from the 1st show and will be participating in a 2 hour Physique and Bodybuilding Posing class this afternoon

And, I plan on sharing this entire journey, my entire journey with you all, from my meals and meal prepping to my training, to how I'm feeling each day, good days and bad days, to my cardio to everything that involves in prepping for a showing hopes that I can encourage others to go after their dreams no matter how hard it will get and never give up!

Create goals for yourself, it keeps life so exciting and gives us a reason behind our training. It doesn't have to be extreme like me, it could be any goal but having a goal will keep your life so exciting and your training hard

Have a great day everyone and wish me luck at my posing class today

Remember, you are never too old to create a dream and go after that dream

Here's the list and dates of the shows that I will be competing in below :

Wings of Strength, May 1st , Chandler, AZ

Dennis James, June 5th, Mesa, AZ

Master's Nationals, July 20-24th, Pittsburg, Pennslyvania

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