Coronavirus...Let's reduce the chances of gaining weight during the stay-at-home orders

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Let's be super careful on not gaining weight during this time, and let's be super careful and make sure we keep our self as healthy as possible ❤️

Here's a few suggestions I put together for you on reducing the chances of gaining weight during the stay-at-home orders

Along with your exercise regimen (strength training and cardio sessions), there's also some other ways on keeping the weight down during these stay-at-home orders across the Nation.

👉 Every hour pop out some bodyweight movements, squats, wall push-ups, bodyweight dips, crunches, walking lunges, reverse lunges, static lunges, burpees, etc

👉 Pace while you're on the telephone

👉 Do not eat while you're sitting on the couch, on the phone or at your computer

👉 Take a walk around the block every hour

👉 Sip herbal tea and lots of clear water to keep you feeling full and hydrated

👉 Continue to wear your workout clothes, do not wear baggy clothes at this time

👉 Weigh yourself once a week and do weekly photos just for you

👉 Along with your strength training regimen and cardio regimen also get in 10,000 steps a day

👉 Monitor your body fat percentage weekly

👉 Do not emotionally eat

👉 Before eating any meal, ask yourself "is this going to bring health and vitality to my body, or is this slowly going to poison it" "is this healthy for me"

👉 Instead of always playing board games with your family, make up some fun physical games: Simon says, can give them a physical activity to do, Simon says to hop on one foot for 10 seconds, play the hokey pokey, play twister, do a little family boot camp in your backyard, get really creative on "physical movement games that you can play to keep your body active 😀 make your own battle rope and create some really awesome drills 😍

It's hard enough to keep our weight down, but when we are forced into more of an isolated situation, it becomes even harder, just a few ways above to keep your body moving and your weight in check during this difficult time 😀

I sure hope this is helpful ❤️

If you need anything at all please reach out

Stay STRONG ladies💪

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