Bodybuilding & Power Lifting, it changed my life❤

Bodybuilding & Powerlifting has changed every aspect of my life. It taught me important life lessons, it made me the accomplished woman I am today!

It taught me time management, I needed to make the time daily to train.

It taught me proper nutrition, if you are not eating right you are wasting your workout.

It taught me goal setting which any successful person needs to thrive in any business or career.

It taught me work ethic.

It taught me delayed gratification, you can’t have anything overnight.

It taught me persistence and perseverance, it taught me drive.

I learned how to be focused, it taught me the importance of having a routine, getting up on time and going to bed early, being well rested and productive.

It taught me confidence.

It taught me the lesson of being grateful, being grateful that I have a body and that I have the power to change it!

It taught me not to care what other people think, criticism from others shows their in secureness and are their issues not mine, I won’t claim it.

Most of all it taught me to be strong, keep going and to stand alone and proud.

Bodybuilding & Power Lifting has changed every aspect of my personal life and career. And for all you of you my friends, I am not saying to go into the sport of bodybuilding & Powerlifting, what I am saying is that “YOUR PERSONAL FITNESS JOURNEY” will enhance and change every aspect of your life; family, relationships, career, health and self-image❤

Bodybuilding & Power Lifting was more than just a sport for me, it’s was my life lessons!

YOUR BODY……YOUR JOURNEY…..YOUR LIFE! Dare to go for it..................❤👍💪🏋

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