I just wanted to talk really quick about changes.

Sometimes it's really hard to make changes, but there's some things that we all would like to and need to change.

When I was younger I was a mess. I knew there were things that I needed to change because I was not going down a good road.

So one morning when I was 30 years old, I woke up, and made changes.

I got to the point where I was fed up at where I was in life. I went for a run and never looked back. That's when I got into health and Fitness, and have been going strong for the last 26 years. I love who I am today.

Change happens when we get to a point where we're fed up with where we are, when we don't want that feeling anymore.

When we sit down and really think about our "WHY".

"WHY" we want to change our lifestyle, the deepest meaning, not just to lose weight BUT the true "why" we want to lose weight then "WHAT" our life will look like WHEN we achieve that lifestyle. "What" we'll be able to do, experience, feel and achieve ❤️

I've been through the challenges that most people face. I've been there too. I use to yo yo diet, I used to food binge, I used to live the most unhealthy lifestyle then one day I didn't want to feel like that anymore and just like that I changed. Did I struggle, of course I did but I kept my focus on my "why". That was 26 years ago, I was 30 years old. I've never looked back, I changed.

And you can change too❤️

So let's all take some time today, think about the deepest reason behind our "why" and set ourselves up for a super productive week ahead, taking the steps that need to be taken to get us to where we really want to be ❤️

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