DITCH the Scale👍

Good morning my beautiful friends🤩

Ditch the scale!! It's not a means for measuring your progress.

👉The 1st pic of me, 26 years old and a 100lbs, a scrawny little girl

👉The 2nd pic of me, 30 years later at 56 years young with 20 pounds of muscle💪 on me, weighing in a 120 lbs! A STRONG powerful woman.

Don't focus on the number on the scale, focus on the lean muscle mass on your bod😀💪 The scale will mess with your head!

I look better, feel better, healthier and incredibly STRONGER today at 57 then 37 years ago at 26. And you can too, we don't need to lie down and grow old when we can grow AWESOME!🤩

Happy Friday everybody, have a super amazing day🤩














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