Fitness Talk With Coach Tankie

"Fitness Talk With Coach Tankie"

Hi there my humans, Coach Tankie here...........

I'd like to tell you what exercise has done for me.

When my mom found me I was at the pound, locked in a cell for over a month with very little interaction and very little exercise except to go out for potty breaks.

I was one depressed, so very sad dog! I remember the day my mom saw me! She totally fell in love with me because I looked so pathetic and she adopted me and took me home.

The very next day she took me for hike, WOW I was sooo excited! It felt AMAZING to be outside, exercising in the sunshine, I totally came ALIVE!

She didn't hike me for a long time, only 10 to 15 minutes at a time because my paws were soft and I didn't have any strength because of lack of exercise and bad food BUT soon as I got stronger I was able to go on longer hikes!

Then longer and longer ones and WOW I loved it.

She fed me nutritious food and I became so STRONG and now I so can run up these mountains like nothing! I'm so strong, so happy, healthy, active and life is exciting! It really changed my life and you know what, it can change yours too!

Just try it, take it from a dog, it totally changed my life and it will change yours too!

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