Get Back What You Lost

Good morning my friends and happy Sunday ❤️

Get Back What You Lost!

I once heard a pastor say this on TV and it has always stuck with me.

"If YOU want BACK what you LOST you have to go BACK to what you LEFT"

He was talking about returning to Christianity but this got me thinking about any of you who may be struggling with your health and fitness😀

"If you want BACK what you LOST then you have to go BACK to what you LEFT."

If you missed a few days of training and clean eating it may be ok for a little while BUT if you continue on this path for weeks and months you WILL lose everything you gained.

🤩BUT on the same hand if you go BACK to what you LEFT you WILL get what you used to have🤩

Basically if you did it before you can do it again! How encouraging is that! 😃

This so touched me because I know there are some people out here who think they can't do it again so I wanted to share this with you in hopes❤️ that this may bring hope and encouragement and help someone here who has been struggling and discouraged thinking they can't do it again, that they can't be fit and healthy again.

I'm here to say......yes you can❤

You CAN get back what you LOST if you go BACK to what you LEFT.👍

Have an amazing day my friends❤


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