Healthy fats, so amazing for you ❤️

Cooking up some salmon 😀

Healthy fats are amazing for you, especially if you cycle your carbs😃

Healthy fats are crucial to your diet👍

👉They help strengthen the immune system, enhance moods, energy levels and PERFORMWNCE especially if you are on a low carbohydrate diet.

👉They reduce inflammation😍

👉Healthy fats also reduce cardiovascular disease, helps grow healthy skin, hair and nails.

One of my favorite meals is salmon and 1/2 small avocado, so delicious 😍

I also snack on small amounts of nuts throughout the day (almonds, they're the lowest in calories) and use avocado and olive oils. Sunflower seeds at night when I get the munchies.

I also use a lot of coconut oil also, mostly for face cream, body lotion and hair conditioning treatments 😍

Greek yogurts with chia and flax seeds are also great.

Do not be afraid of healthy fats, your body needs them! Be afraid of unhealthy fats, you body does not need that.

Skip the carbs on some of your meals and add in some healthy fats instead.

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