It was an amazing show 🤩

It was such an amazing show

and I have worked so incredibly hard on something that I wanted so incredibly bad.

Here's just a few pics from my show

And my amazing hubby who is do support of everything that I do

And I was so blessed to meet Jake Wood, the Owner of the Olympia and Wings of Strength, such an incredibly nice man. And other amazing body building women

And it felt amazing to be up onstage. Not just for myself but more importantly for all of the women that think they can't accomplish something.

Many women over 50 don't realise that they have a whole NEW full world to explore😍. New goals and new ventures, new experiences and new levels. Some women don't even find their full potential until after 50.

Find your full potential. Never think that you're too old to accomplish something that you want.

Don't ever think you are too old to change your life.

Don't everything your to old get that new career or begin that new business or venture.

And never think you're too old to achieve the physique and health that you want.

At 57, when most women I think that their old, I am going for my IFBB pro card. I am setting out to become a Professional Bodybuilder at 57!!! NO you are never too old to change or create a new you.😍

You're never too old to become the person that you've always wanted to become.😍

Here I am, encouraging you, with every show that I do to go after everything that you want. And it WILL be hard, no doubt about it, but seriously how great would the reward be if it was actually simple. Remember HARD is what makes it so great!! So keep on dreaming, keep on hoping, and don't give up on anything that you want to manifest in your life.

I want to give you hope that you can change your life, that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE 😍

Be EVERYTHING you can be at ANY age! And FLY🦋🦋🦋

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