Progress Update, 24 days out from the Wings of Strength Competition

Morning progress pics

Good morning my beautiful friends, Happy Monday!🤩

👉Today I am 24 days out from my show, competing in both Female Bodybuilding and Physique.

👉I'm competing in Physique also because I'm not sure what the judges are looking for but in my heart, I absolutely LOVE Female Bodybuilding and hoping to place great in that division and continue my career in Female Bodybuilding.

👉Last week I switched up my meals, 7 days now leaning out.

The hardest part is working on the perfect timing, the perfect peaking and that's what this first show is all about. My main goal is to win Nationals in July. This 1st show coming up, in 26 days is to work on my peak and to perfect the exact moment when I peak. 👍

👉Ive been manipulating my meals and water this past week and keeping a close eye on how ny body reacts to sodium, water and various meals. I think I'm pretty much on track. 👍

👉Tomorrow I'm going to add in some fasted cardio and keep a close eye to make sure that I don't burn any muscle but that I bring everything in just a little bit tighter everyday.

Just here faithfully and steadily chipping away to show case the muscle I have on my 4 ft 10 inch tall frame. I'm not a big girl but I need to appear big and so symmetrical on stage.

Today I'll be training lower body day ( quads, glutes and calves) 👍

Have an amazing day my friends.

Remember, YOU are the only one that can stop YOU from being everything that you can be, never give up on yourself 😍

Back on stage at 57 years young ❤ and having a blast🤩
















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