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"EARNED not GIVEN💪 I love that😍. It can't be bought, it can't be borrowed, it can't be inherited, it can't be loaned, it can't be cheated, it has to be earned.

BUT that is what makes it so great!

Building our health, changing our physique is such an incredible feeling. And we all have the ability to do that. When we take all the anger that we have in hating our body and put that anger toward repairing our body, now that's empowerment, that's taking charge of our health, that's taking charge of our life and that's taking charge of what we want. There's so many lessons in that alone.

When we take charge of our health and our physique we take charge of our life and we soon realize there's NOTHING that we can't achieve with hard work.

And what a great project to work on, yourself.

So if you've been struggling bringing it all together, the meals and the training, the sleep and hydration, the positive thinking, you can change all of that this upcoming week.🤩👍

As I diet down for this show, my bodyfat is already low at around 8% which makes our body very tired, and today and tomorrow I need to go on a FULL carb depletion and still train hard, I could easily give up because it's so hard. But how would I feel about myself?Wouldn't I lose faith in myself? Wouldn't I feel like a failure if I gave up every time something got hard? I choose to stay STRONG and know that with hard work anything is possible. We DON'T give up on ourselves!!

I don't want the instant gratification of a meal or crappy food, I want the long term gratification knowing that I worked really hard for something, I, ME, I made that happen no matter how hard it got. That's building faith in myself and that's empowering.😍

Everything that is great is EARNED, it's never given because if it was given it wouldn't be special at all.

So let's start this week working our butts off on what we want to appear in our life🤩! Do not give in to instant gratification because that will set you up for failure, that's teaching yourself that it's OK to give up on yourself, we don't do that! FOCUS on the long term goal"😍

Have an amazing day everyone 🤩






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